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OpenPlanner 2.0 Requirements, Design, and Implementation

Hi everyone,
I would like to share with you my intention to redesign and re-implement OpenPlanner (OP) for Autoware.AI taking into consideration ROS 2 and Autoware.Auto.

The following is the current architecture for OpenPlanner.

Important Information:

  • OpenPlanner uses internal map format + map information retrieval functions, a converter from any map format to OP road network is required. Also OP has its own .kml file format.
  • Object tracker could be replaced with another tracker if they can output required information (dimensions, convex hull, and/or velocity). Currently the OP object tracker implementation is kf_contour_tracker node.
  • Global planner could be replaced with path loader.
  • OP is stand alone library, could be used outside ROS.


  • Remove redundant and unused functions.
  • Develop revised internal map format that covers (vector map, open drive, and lanelet2) map structures.
  • Improve code quality, add simple documentation for each module, add function comments.
  • Add unit tests.
  • Include the latest development of the Intention and Trajectory Estimation.
  • Include the lanelet2 converter/loader support.

Looking forward to ideas, suggestions, and help.


Good luck with 2.0!
Based on what I have seen, the current version doesn’t provide any feedback from the Behavior Planner or Perception to Global Planner. Therefore if the vehicle comes across a road blockage, it will wait infinitely for the road to get released instead of sending a feedback to Global Planner to suggest another global route. I would love to see such feature on Open Planner 2.0