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Precise outdoor localization in open field

We have a mobile robot equipped with LIDAR and gps rtk.
We are using Cartographer to perform mapping and localization, and while it performs really well indoor (with no gps obviously), it performs poorly outdoor in open fields, even with gps enabled, unless we take several laps of the map beforehand, which in some cases might be daunting in vast maps, or in highly dynamic environments.
We are looking for a more scalable and robust solution that relies more on the accuracy given by gps for global slam and uses LIDAR only for local slam and obstacle avoidance (we tried tuning the cartographer gps parameters but it didn’t change much the situation, the problem appears to concern the submaps orientations, on which the gps can’t help much).
Any suggestions on which package to adopt (or if it’s possible even with cartographer?)
Thank you all!


Have you looked into robot_localization robot_localization wiki — robot_localization 2.6.9 documentation

Thanks for your question. However we ask that you please ask questions on following our support guidelines: Support - ROS Wiki

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