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Preparing for Dashing sync: 2020-10-27

Dashing has some new packages ready to go, but we’re also anticipating updates to both Fast-RTPS and Cyclone DDS in the next Dashing sync, which means that there is still at least one major rebuild before the sync. With that in mind I’ve picked 2020-10-27 as the target date so we ideally get a full week with everything in the testing repo beforehand.

PRs referencing DDS updates in Dashing’s ros2.repos file:

The sync is out.

Any ETA on next sync?

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Thanks for asking. Going forward, I’d prefer that you create a new post on the packaging and release management category for the relevant rosdistro rather than commenting on the previous sync prep post when asking about sync status. It prevents necro-bumps for others who were following the previous thread and will still get the distro maintainer’s attention.

I posted the next sync announcement which addresses your actual question Preparing for Dashing sync and patch release: 2020-12-03

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Thanks for the clarification and the update. Will do!