Preparing for Foxy sync and patch release 2023-03-15

We’re planning for a Foxy sync and patch release for next week. There are currently 205 packages ready to sync and 1 regressions (being fixed).

The cause for this patch release is due to the fact that some fixes were recently added in ament/ament_lint and also since we are nearing the end of Foxy’s life. See for Added undescore to ignore new pydocstyle item #428 details.

If you find any further regressions when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync. Starting Wednesday (2023-03-15) we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs for Foxy unless they fix reported regressions. Next week we’ll announce the release.


Sync is out!

Sorry for cross-posting, but I want to make sure that this message is seen, as I’m unsure where is the best place to enquire?