Preparing for Galactic sync 2022-08-05

There have been several new and updated packages in Galactic since the last sync, and it’s time to sync those new features and fixes to the main apt and dnf repositories.

There are currently no regressions and 80 packages to release.

We will start holding rosdistro PRs for the sync on Wednesday, August 03, with a plan to do the sync on Friday, August 05.

This sync is complete

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There are commits in the galactic branch for rosbag2, in particular this one:

that have been merged on October 29th 2021 (!) but I don’t see those changes in the current Ubuntu packages for galactic. How come?

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The commit that you point to has been merged into the galactic development branch, but a new release from that branch has not been made since 0.9.1

Binary packages included inthe syncs are based upon the released version not the tip of development. So a new release of rosbag2 needs to be made and packaged for it to be built into binaries that you’ll see in the sync.

If there’s something that you’re urgently waiting for to become available in the binary packages. I suggest that you open an issue and politely request a release on the repository so that the maintainer(s) know a new release would be valuable for you.