Preparing for final Galactic sync and patch release 2022-11-28

There have been several new and updated packages in Galactic since the last sync, and it’s time to sync those new features and fixes to the main apt and dnf repositories.

There are currently no regressions and 40 packages to release.

We will start holding rosdistro PRs for the sync on Monday, November 28, with a plan to do the sync on Wednesday, November 30.

This will be the final sync for Galactic, which is reaching the documented end-of-life. In all, ROS 2 Galactic accumulated over 1000 packages during its short 18 month support window. We wish everyone a smooth migration to ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill!


I wasn’t able to make this happen this week.

I’m going to push the release back by 1 week, so we’ll continue merging last-minute releases until Monday, December 05.

This sync is complete