Preparing for Humble Sync on July 15th

There have been several new and updated packages in Humble since its release a couple weeks ago and it’s time to sync those new features and fixes to the main apt and dnf repositories.

There is currently 1 regression on RHEL (no regressions on other platforms) and 113 packages to release.

The single regression is in fogros2 and seems to be related to trying to use a tag that doesn’t exist on RHEL. Perhaps try running Bloom again, @jeffi? I’ll accept a PR fixing this regression, if it can be opened in the next day or so.

We will start holding rosdistro PRs for the sync today (2022-07-11T05:00:00Z) and will plan to do the sync on Friday, 2022-07-15T05:00:00Z.


We’ve had a release where a deprecation attempt went wrong resulting in pluginlib crashes (hard to diagnose).

There is a fix and it was tested + released.

I’d really appreciate if this could be part of the next sync.

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The sync is out!

As well with an issue w.r.t. callback groups with Fast-DDS’ RMW. There’s a PR open but hasn’t been merged or released yet. This is of critical importance to Nav2.

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