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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2021-02-05

Kinetic Maintainers,

We have 61 packages ready to sync for Kinetic.

I’ve identified one regression on Kinetic causing 7 failed builds on amd64 and i386.

ueye_cam has previously regressed and remains unable to build. WIth other packages released several packages have been able to use the previous version until that was invalidated in a recent rebuild. There are now 7 packages in the TORK packages which are failing.

I’m going to try to roll back this release: ueye_cam: 1.0.18-1 in 'kinetic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by anqixu · Pull Request #27935 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

@k-okada @Anqi_Xu FYI

I plan to hold releases until next week when the above regressions can be fixed. Otherwise I’ll sync on Thursday February 11, 2021.

@tfoote can you please help or advertise for me to get some guide? I’ve been not able to debug what’s wrong on the buildfarm version since I can’t replicate it locally.

(this issue only arose since I had to guess the prerelease commands, since spins forever on step 3 for me)

The sync is out: