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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2020-07-21

We have 59 new and updated packages and no regressions.

I plan to hold new releases for Kinetic until Thursday and make the sync then.

If there’s anything that would be a concern with this plan please reply here.

We’re working on making the rosdistros more accurate in representing what is available. And to that end we’re implementing a new prototype tool which audits the packages released. It has identified the following packages as failing to build. Before the coming sync I plan to ticket and remove all of the following since they are not building.

They have not been flagged as a regression because most of them have never built.

Sync preparation report for kinetic

Prepared for configuration:
Prepared for rosdistro index:

Packages failing on all platforms

Release should be rolled back:

  • ros_cvb_camera_driver
  • rosbag_snapshot
  • sicktoolbox_wrapper
  • swarmros

Packages failing for buildfile default

Packages should be blacklisted:

Packages failing for buildfile uxhf

Packages should be blacklisted:

Packages failing for buildfile uxv8

Packages should be blacklisted:

Removing packages not building on any platform

Blacklisting packages on specific architectures:

The sync is out: