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Preparing for Melodic sync 2019-09-24

Currently Melodic has 2 regressions and 87 packages ready to sync. I plan to hold new releases for Melodic starting tomorrow, September 25, with a sync next week.


@clalancette, the potential rviz regression turned out to be a regression only when building the melodic-devel branch on Kinetic: Kinetic uses an older Qt version, which causes the described issue.
As we are targeting Melodic, I prefer to keep the new feature as is. In Melodic, with newer Qt, there is no issue. So, from me, you have a GO for the sync :slight_smile:

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@rhaschke Thanks for the follow-up, it’s appreciated. The other regression has also been fixed, so I’ll let this bake for a few more days and sync it on Monday.

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The sync is out