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Preparing for Melodic sync 2020-12-01

Melodic currently has no regressions and 193 packages ready to sync. However, there is a regression in lvr2 (and packages that depend on it) on Debian Stretch; @spuetz is that a platform you care about? If not, I’ll go ahead with the sync regardless of the regression.

On a related note, Debian Stretch is now out of support. As such, I plan for this to be the last sync that includes Debian Stretch support. I’ll disable the jobs after this sync.

I’m going to start holding Melodic packages as of tomorrow, December 2nd, with a sync early next week. During this time I’ll only be accepting fixes for the lvr2 regression (if that is desirable).

Please reply here if there are any other outstanding issues I should know about before performing a sync.

The sync is out.