Preparing for Melodic sync 2022-09-01

Melodic currently has 0 regressions and 80 packages ready to sync.

I’m going to call a hold on Melodic as of today, September 1, and go ahead with a sync early next week.

Please reply here if there are any outstanding issues I should know about before performing a sync.

Dear Chris,

I’ve done this in Revert eigenpy in Melodic to 2.7.5 by clalancette · Pull Request #34311 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

I’m slightly confused here. I ended up reverting franka_ros back to version 0.9.0 for this upcoming sync since 0.9.1 was having problems building (see ROS packages for Melodic - 2022-09-02 04:48:10 -0800). So with that said, do we still need to update panda_moveit_config to 0.7.7? Or can we leave it at 0.7.6?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you had to revert franka_ros as well. If the upcoming sync is on 0.9.0 we should stick with panda_moveit_config 0.7.6. Should I put the corresponding PR on hold?

No problem, I just wanted to double check.

About putting it on hold; it is currently on hold due to the sync freeze. But once the sync freeze ends early next week, it will likely be merged right away. If you don’t want that, then I’ll suggest closing that PR until the new version of franka_ros is re-released (and is actually building).

The sync is out.