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Preparing for Melodic sync 2019-11-12

The last sync had a regression in urdf_parser_py that’s been fixed, so I’m going to do another sync this week.

Currently Melodic has no other known regressions and 153 packages ready to sync. I plan to hold new releases for Melodic starting today, Tuesday, November 12, with a sync later in the week.

could we get and into this sync please?

Sure, I’ve merged the one, I’ll merge the other once the rebase is done on it.

The sync is out

Hi @clalancette,

Is there an estimate on when the next Melodic sync will be .?

We have this PR that need the newly released version of panda_moveit_config for it to pass Travis,


Assuming I can fix the current regressions, I’ll probably do one next week.

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