Preparing for the First Humble Sync on May 23rd

As of yesterday (2022-05-19), we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs for Humble to prepare for the Humble release on May 23rd. On May 23rd, I’ll make an announcement that Humble is released (!) and that PRs can once again be merged into Humble on rosdistro.

If you find a regression when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync.


I keep getting build farm errors ublox_dgnss_node but dont know what the issue is? Hbin_uJ64__ublox_dgnss_node__ubuntu_jammy_amd64__binary [Jenkins]

This isn’t the right place to debug a particular package failing, but I’ve opened up Failed to build ublox_dgnss_node on Rolling/Humble · Issue #3 · aussierobots/ublox_dgnss · GitHub with some ideas.

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