Radar Messages - Call For Maintenance Help

Hi yal,

I worked with a coalition of companies back in 2021 to create the radar_msgs package for standard interfaces for radar units as the first building block to having radars better supported in the ROS community (and some projects in Nav2). I’m not myself a radar expert, but have enjoyed being the coalition-builder, requirements-rectifier, and initiative-driver to make it happen with the experts!

However from leaving Samsung Research and launching Open Navigation LLC, this can no longer be something I maintain as I need to reduce the resources I spend on promising projects from a previous job and focus in on the future for the mobile robotics community and starting new promising projects in line with our future direction.

So, I am openly asking for help from

  • Radar manufacturers
  • Radar sensor users
  • Interested parties
  • Radar algorithm developers

to take over the maintaince and development of the radar_msgs standard interfaces. Rather than letting it die from poor maintainer resources, I want to open it up for those with vested interest to take it into the future based on their expertise and experience. Its been a joy to work on this thus far, but I acknowledge my limitations and wish to pass it off to the next generation that can continue it forward.

If this would interest you, please comment below!



I’d be interested in helping out.

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I have also expressed my interest to Steve @danthony We scheduled a video call to do an introduction on Nov 11, 17:30 CET. Would you like to join that call?

November 11th or December 11th?

Neither, November 21 :wink: