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πŸ“’ [Reminder] - The new Chocolatey feed URL for ROS on Windows

NOTE: Please excuse the double-posting. The old Chocolatey feed URL is retiring and would be no longer available on 2020-09-14T07:00:00Z. It is strongly encouraged to migrate your setup to the new feed.

Hi ROS on Windows Developers!

This is an announcement to inform you that now we have an new Chocolatey feed URL:

If you are an new user, please follow ROS Wiki for the new installation:

If you are an existing user, please reconfigure your Chocolatey sources to get the future package releases.

Here are the simple 3 steps to switch to the new location:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator.
  2. Run the commands as follow, which will replace your old source with the new one.
set ChocolateyInstall=c:\opt\chocolatey
choco source remove -n=ros-win
choco source add -n=ros-win -s="" --priority=1
  1. Check your Chocolatey sources. You should see something as below:
>choco source list
Chocolatey v0.10.15
chocolatey - | Priority 0|Bypass Proxy - False|Self-Service - False|Admin Only - False.
ros-win - | Priority 1|Bypass Proxy - False|Self-Service - False|Admin Only - False.

That’s it!

Happy coding ROS Developers! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

(If you run into any issues during the migration, please let us know at this ticket.)