Remotely Operating a delivery robot using cellular internet instead of wifi with Autoware

Hello everyone, I am working on onroad delivery vehicles with Autoware. For now, I am trying to remotely drive the vehicle on the streets & trying to save the map data (pointcloud data) on server. So basically, I am trying to drive the robot remotely and gather the Map data. Wifi (along with repeater) range seems to be short for this kind of scenario. I want something similar to Mobile network with cellular internet attached to the vehicle using which I can see the video feed and drive the vehicle remotely from my home. It looks like GSM modules are used with core MCU unit inside the delivery bot for this kind of work. So, can anyone recommend any GSM module which has ROS driver and can be used with the kind of setup I mentioned above. Also, if you have any other suggestion regarding this kind of scenario or any better setup/tutorial website that you saw some where else, please share the website/github repository. Thanks !!

I think you would have the best result using an actualy call phone. The phone is a usfull device as it has radios inside for WiF and Cellular and GPS and even an IMU and camera. THere is a ROS node that runs on Android and makes the camera’s sensors available to ROS. That would be a starting point.

Of course the simplest way to use a cell phone needs no code. Run a WiFi “hot spot” on the phone. Then you robot always has good WiFi reception

As for a video feed, a phone can do that or it can just be a pipe for some other camera using the hot spot. One thing I just discovered is “IP Security Cameras” These camera stream video over Ethernet and some have very high quality and 4K video for about $100. They can encode to H265 and don’t need a computer

If you need more bandwidth, use two phones.