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ROS@Raspberry Pi + RasPiRobot + HC SR04 + SG90 + car


Just a WiP announcement of a project, allowing to control a ROS robotic car from an Android app. The car is powered by a Raspberry Pi, running raspbian + ROS. A RasPiRobot board is used to control the motors, an HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor is used to measure distance and an SG90 step motor to rotate the sonar. I used an existing HC SR04 ROS node project as a basis but converted it to use interrupts from the sonar. A simple SG90 driver has been written from scratch. PWM handling to run the car wheels is new too. The communication with the Android app runs over SSL. It’s still quite raw (especially the Android app, since it’s my first experience of writing one from scratch), but all the functionality is there and working. Both github repositories are referenced from

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