Survey on Requirements for Toolchain to Achieve Robust Robot Deliberation

Dear ROS Developers of Autonomous Systems,

in the EU-funded project CONVINCE we would like to get better insights on and determine requirements for our toolchain to achieve robust deliberation using: verification, planning, monitoring, and learning. Therefore, we prepared a short questionnaire for developers of autonomous systems to get more information on which deliberation language, logic, and engine they are working with and what their needs, problems, etc. are.

Please take part in the survey to help shaping future tooling which could make your life easier during development.

The survey can be found here. It would be great if you could also share it in your network.

Thank you very much and best regards,
Michaela Klauck


Will results of the survey be made available? I’d love to hear about what folks are making use of in this space.

Yes, in the context of the EU project CONVINCE, we will publish the results.

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I will not answer this survey… I am too biased :smile:


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