Robot Control Engineer - REMY Robotics (Barcelona, Spain)

At REMY Robotics we build kitchens that use software-defined and adaptive robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence and mechatronics that can ensure constant quality, adaptability to any recipe, and operational effectiveness across an endless variety of food production scenarios.

We are seeking a Robot Control Engineer to join our team and work on the whole stack of robot motion planning, grasping, and control systems.

As such your main responsibilities will include:

  • Design and implement intelligent planning and controls for robotic systems that can grasp and manipulate objects to cook
  • Work on motion planning algorithms, pipelines, and strategies to improve robot performance
  • Manage high-level robot behaviors using FSM and/or Behavior Trees
  • Implement force-control and visual-servoing to perform complex manipulation tasks
  • Create failure detection and recovery strategies
  • Utilize an in-house simulator for testing new features and system stability
  • Quickly implement proof of concept or a prototype, and test on a real robotic system
  • Work closely with mechatronics, computer vision, and software engineers to implement and test various ideas and algorithms

What will make you a great candidate:

  • MSc+ in Robotics, Computer Science, or a related engineering field
  • Deep theoretical understanding of motion planning, inverse kinematics, and/or control systems
  • Experience working with collaborative or industrial robots (Universal Robots, Doosan Robotics, KUKA, etc.)
  • You have a strong knowledge of Python and C/C++ programming languages
  • Experience with MoveIt, OMPL, OpenRave or similar motion planning frameworks
  • Knowledge of ROS / ROS2, Gazebo, and RViz. Experience with other robotic libraries is a plus
  • Experience working with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions (bash, CMake, ssh)
  • Experience with software development practices, agile methodology, and software development tools (like Git and Docker) is an advantage
  • You are fluent in English, both written and spoken

To apply please email to