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Robot-startup Co-founders. What to look for ?

Hello everyone,

I have the idea to start a agriculture robotics startup. I myself have a engineering and horticulture background and have a lack of programming knowledge. So here is the problem: I am looking for other co-founders who have knowledge in programming and robotics but I don’t know exactly what experiences would be needed in these disciplines.

Maybe some people would be kind enough to share their knowledge on what attributes and experiences I should look for when searching other co-founders ?

Thank you in advance!
I hope this kind of question is appropriate in this topic

Introduce yourself to ROS-Agriculture, there might be someone who shares your interests there

That really depends on what you’d like to do in your business and the types of people you have access to. More info on your agricultural goal would be needed to make an assessment on the skills required.

Most ag business is also going to involve more than just programming (building a robot, marketing it, funding it, etc), all of which are going to be unusually expensive relative to other robotics verticals. So potentially depending on who you already have involved, you may be more interested in a jack of all robot trades and a good technical leader to grow with the company than a programmer. I wouldn’t expect an arbitrary robotics engineer to be a good designer, mechanical, or electrical engineer - but you can certainly find them.

If you are still in college, go to the Aerospace or Systems Engineering departments. These are the professional jack-of-all-trades engineers (source: that’s how I got into jack-of-all-trading). You’d need to find one that’s a reasonable programmer and interested in robotics. Typically those departments don’t focus much on software, so it’ll be a relatively small group.

Then there’s the marketing / fundraising standpoint of things, but I’ll ignore that for brevity.

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