Robotic Research Engineer in Safety and Airspace Integration Role Specification, in Barcelona, Spain

Robotics Research Engineer in Safety and Airspace Integration

About the role
Robotics Research Engineer in Safety and Airspace Integration – A talented robotics and/or aviation
engineer with a strong academic knowledge, background and professional experience in safety and
airspace integration concepts, methods, technologies, systems and services for drones and urban air
mobility; who is eager to join a fantastic opportunity in a fast growing business at early stages where
you will set the footprint in your domain.

Responsibilities and Key Duties:
• To work as part of a multi-functional Technology team on a range of solutions for autonomous
systems including drones and ground mobile robotics.
• To conduct research and innovation in safety and airspace integration for aerial robotics to bring
novel ideas and applicability to the technology roadmap and portfolio.
• To propose and assess these novel ideas and translate them into algorithms, methods, and
technologies of interest to improve and enhance our products, platform, and solutions such as
Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) integration within our offering.
• To keep up to date with standards, regulations, and applicable legislation in this domain, particularly
communications and the Command and Control (C2) Link and Controller Pilot Data
Link Communications (CPDLC) under EC, EASA, EUROCONTROL, JARUS and relevant working groups.
• To develop the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Specific Operations Risk Assessments (SORAs)
in support to research and commercial deliveries, as well as lead the flight authorisation processes.
• To design and implement the software for our robotic solutions in Proof-of-Concepts and
demonstrations activities, in research and innovation projects such as the European Commission.
• To conduct thorough software and system testing and verification activities related to your domain,
ensuring quality of delivery and adherence to company practices and standards.
• To professionally document the code and adhere to configuration management practices.
• To own stakeholder engagement and relationships with project partners and 3rd party suppliers.
• To process, assess and synthesise information including preparation of technical documentation,
with problem diagnostics and technical analyses in your domain.
• To participate in team development processes as well as contributing towards improvements.

Skills and Qualifications:
• Bachelor or master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field to Robotics or Aviation.
• Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in the field (PhD is considered as experience) in safety
and airspace integration concepts, methods, technologies, systems, and services for drones.
• Strong engineering background in safety topics including hazards assessments, SORA preparation,
back-up safety systems for drones, and so forth.
• Strong academic background in airspace integration in non-segregated airspace for VLL flights
including interaction and integration with aviation/ATM, communication systems, surveillance
systems such ADS-B and novel radar technologies, 4D trajectory management, and so forth.
• Good track record in publications in drones and aviation related conferences and journals such as
SESAR Innovation Days, as well as being active in relevant working groups.
• Ability to work and liaise in a multi-cultural and international team.
• Excellent teamworking, collaborative spirit and communication skills.
• Proper time management and organisational skills.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications
• PhD in the domain of safety and airspace integration for aerial robotics
• Large experience in executing or leading research and innovation projects, under the European
Commission and EUROCONTROL frameworks and in particularly SESAR programme.
• Good knowledge and skills with Linux and/or real-time OS systems.
• Knowledge and experience with C++ and Python development in Linux environment.
• Knowledge and experience of best practises and coding standards as well as use of common
documentation tools such as Doxygen.
• Knowledge of airspace integration in segregated airspace and relevant communication standards
such NATO STANAG 4586.
• Experience in UK CAA CAP 722 and Regulatory Sandboxes.

Start Date: ASAP
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Remuneration: Competitive salary dependent upon experience plus benefits.
Type: Full-Time, Permanent

How to apply
Please apply by sending your Cover Letter and CV to, both documents are mandatory. It is encouraged to apply ASAP as candidates are being processed until vacancy is fulfilled.
Reference letters from universities would be valuable and might be required later in the recruitment
IMPORTANT - When applying please clearly specify your nationality and if you believe you will need an authorization, visa or other paperwork to live and work in Barcelona, Spain.

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