Robotics Engineer @BotsAndUs in London, UK

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BotsAndUs are building the next generation of robotics technology to help organisations harness the power of real time data and become more efficient in driving their operations and customer engagements. We have developed and successfully deployed our own platforms and are now looking for passionate and ambitious minds to significantly scale up our technical expertise.

As a Robotics Engineer, you will play a key role in defining how our robots behave in public spaces, by guiding algorithm development and implementation for our platform. You will be responsible for the creation and deployment of behaviors from concept through implementation and testing. This includes researching state of the art approaches, early prototyping, integration into the software stack, and debugging on the hardware. As a senior member of the robotics team, you will have visibility across the engineering units and effectively coordinate debugging efforts on the full system.

Our robots use embedded Linux boards connected to various other embedded devices, and are backed by a Cloud Robotics platform running several different services. The robots must be stable over months of continuous running, and provide a reliable interactive experience for users based on data and insights captured in the field.

We’re a VC funded, small yet highly ambitious team, with a great platform in late stages of development. You’ll play a significant role in shaping the future of our products, culture, and engineering team. Join us in creating new tools to reshape the autonomous robotics industry.


  • Design and implement software for robotic systems, including test and validation processes. Directly contribute to engineering efforts through the development of on-platform and cloud-based software

  • Gain a deep understanding of not only the autonomous technology, but also its real-world challenges and how to convert such technology into real products

  • Solve navigation and sensor fusion problems in public, dynamic spaces

  • Analyze dependencies and interactions in a complex robotic system. Creatively overcome limitations of individual components and sensors through orchestration, fusion or design of missing links. Develop new ideas to make robots more capable, and evaluate them by building prototypes

  • Plan strategic work for yourself, liaising with the broader team including direct work responsibilities for similar engineers

  • Willingness to be hands-on by designing, prototyping, and iterating as the product & creative lead to define the direction on human-to-robot interactions


We’re looking for candidates with at least 3 years of experience in the industry:

  • 3+ years of industry experience programming and working in robotics or related fields

  • Degree in computer science, robotics, or a related field

  • Extensive programming programming in C++ and Python

  • Well-versed in source control systems like Git or SVN

  • Experience with Linux environments and bash scripting

  • Experience with software development with robotic platforms - ideally with autonomous ground robots

  • Experience with ROS (Robot Operating System)

  • Industrial experience in deploying commercial products

  • Apply SW best practices including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, agile development, build processes, and testing

  • Perform rigorous debugging and analysis to understand unexpected behaviors, and feed these insights into improvements to the software stack or new feature requests

  • Develop new ideas to make robots more capable, and evaluate them by building prototypes

Additionally, any experience in any of the following areas would be a benefit:

  • Hands on experience with at least some of navigation, sensor fusion or modern SLAM solutions and localization techniques

  • Familiarity with 3D and 2D Lidar sensors

  • Familiarity with robotics simulation, especially Gazebo

  • Knowledge of the latest C++11 standard is appreciated

  • Experience with probabilistic filtering or other DSP techniques

From time to time, you may be required to help in the following other areas:

  • Demo development and testing

  • Mentoring and assisting with supervision of interns

  • Attending trade shows and conferences


As a company, we’re in a start-up phase and highly excited and proud about all the opportunities this can offer. You’ll be joining us at a fantastic time when things are growing extensively. You’ll have to be flexible and open to working in a variety of different roles as well as collaborating and coaching others - but we hope this will offer a great experience for a motivated engineer.

We are a diverse, remote-friendly team (though we have an amazing office and workshop space in London). We have flexible working hours – as a startup we have occasional deadlines to meet, but work-life balance is important to us, so we’ll try to keep any disruption to a minimum. You’ll receive a market-rate salary and your choice of equipment, as well as an annual training and conference budget. We use loads of open-source software, and we’d love for you to contribute to projects while you are here – and you’re welcome to take some time for personal projects too.

Job Type: Full-time