Robotics Internships at StationF Paris - France

Hi guys !
We are a startup founded by Ecole Polytechnique engineers, we are backed by one of Europe’s largest VC and based at Station F. We develop robotic and machine-learning technologies to increase farms productivity.

We are hiring 2 interns in robotics, starting ASAP in Paris. Applications close on 10/07/2019.
If you are a talented robotician, and want to build an early-stage startup robot prototype, please reply to this post for a quick chat.

Internship 1:
3D vision and environment perception + robot manipulation. You will work on inferring the position of different objects located in the workspace. We already have computer vision algorithms, but we still need to work on some new features regarding 3D geometry and grasping.

Internship N.2
Basically we want to design a digital twin of our workspace in order to test our algorithms. You’ll be in charge of modeling and wiring the simulated world to our software stack. Then the fun part begins, and you’ll work on designing strategies to interact with the environment based on the 3D perception.

See you soon !


I’m interested! Please let me know more details regarding the internship.

I am interested to work with your company. can you send me details .

Hi , Please I’m interested. Please can you send me details.
Best, Emmanuel.

Hi, I am interested in this position. Where should I send my resume and other details?

hi, I am not interested into those internship but i am really excited about digital twin ? will those work be public ?

If curious, I can share a couple of experiments about this domain: