Robotics Startup is looking for a Computer Vision / C++ / Python / ROS2 - Software Engineer - Munich


  • Completed studies in computer science, informatics or comparable
  • Very good programming skills in C++ & Python
  • Experienced in OpenCV, PCL and Open3D
  • Passion for technology, high level of creativity / innovation, curiosity and proactiveness
  • Fluent language in english - written and spoken
  • You are based in the greater Munich metropolitan area and want to improve the world through engineering.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team and intercultural skills
  • Strong analytical skills


  • First experience with Point-Cloud & Laser scanner-Segmentation as well as AGVs or AMRs
  • Knowledge in ROS2 and Linux
  • Fluent language in german
  • Experience in Machine Learning is a plus but we intend to focus on classical computer vision methods instead.


  • … use C++ and Python to design, develop, and improve new algorithms that help the robot detect its environment.
  • … not only be developing but also be researching the state-of-the-art algorithms and thus be at the very cutting edge of technology.
  • … have the opportunity to independently design processes for the computer vision pipeline.
  • … develop new and never before seen approaches for the detection of different load carriers (e.g. EPAL-pallets) and obstacles (e.g. warehouse workers)
  • … have the opportunity to operate a high-tech robot to evaluate the simulation results in real environments.
  • … evaluate and document your approaches and results.
  • … support our professional software team with day to day ROS2 challenges


You recently graduated or are looking for a new mission? You love to work with cutting-edge technology and want to make a difference? Then we may have just the right thing for you: We are currently looking for a Computer Vision engineer who is going to support us in bringing our robot to life and giving it the gift of sight. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated and highly skilled team that is on its way to reshape the future of intralogistics. You not only will use your talent and skills to support our great team in developing an autonomous robot, but also take responsibility from the very first moment on. This means that you will use your skills in C++ and Python to design, develop and improve new algorithms which will detect different load carriers (e.g. EPAL-pallets) at different angles and distances specifically in warehouses. You will have the opportunity to work with point cloud, laser scan and camera (RGBD) data on a daily basis. You will analyze them and help our robot not only to detect the load carriers but also understand its environment and thus identify and avoid obstacles. You’ll also drive the technological revolution by developing new, never-before-seen approaches to detecting load carriers. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to operate our robot and evaluate your simulation results in a real-world environment, that means at our testing ground but also at our customers warehouses.

So who are we seeking? You are a creative and energetic person interested in cutting-edge technology and innovation. You generate new and innovative approaches to problems. Furthermore, you demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for your work and have a can-do attitude. You also demonstrate perseverance and willingness to go the distance to get something done. In addition, you act without being told what to do and bring new ideas to our company. Since we are all working together on a mission, we want a team player who can communicate and cooperate effectively with their teammates.

Are you interested or want to learn more about us? Use the links below to get in touch or learn more about our vision.

About us
Filics defines a new generation of autonomous mobile robots by reducing current solutions to a minimum. Our platform provides a simple, flexible and fast solution to automate all ground-based intra-logistics processes. Visit our website to learn more about our vision:

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People can’t apply to your job if they don’t know the company name and how to contact you. What is the company name? How do you want to be contacted?


Thank you @Katherine_Scott for your kind note :slight_smile: