ROS 2 / DDS flying in Cloud with Cilium / Kubernetes

Hi, ROS 2 users and developers

For those who are interested in robots and robotics application management with Kubernetes, I am happy to share the one of the greatest update.

Now one of the most advanced Container Network Interface Cilium empowered by eBPF can support multicast!!!

The current mainstream CNIs do not natively support multicast, WeaveNet supports multicast, but entire open source project has gone end of life.
Cilium is one of the most advanced container network plug-in supports multicast (some features e.g IPsec are under progress.) based on eBPF focuses on solving the problem of efficient multicast transmission in the container network and provides support for multiple multicast protocols.

That said, we can do this with Cilium

I already verified and set up the concrete procedure for ROS 2 and DDS multicast group.
Entire setup and configuration procedure can be found Cilium Multicast for ROS 2.

ROS and ROS 2 setting and configuration for Kubernetes / KubeEdge can be found,

Stay tuned!!! and Special Thanks for Isovalent team



Very comprehensive, as always.