Use Case: ROS 2 Router & ROSbot 2R

ROS 2 Router - Video alert!

Hi everyone,

We were honored to test the Husarion ROSbot 2R and took the chance to show the ROS community how the ROS 2 Router included in Vulcanexus CLOUD works on a real life example. Do you want to know more?

In this video you will discover how the Vulcanexus Cloud component with its ROS 2 Router (also known as DDS Router) enables the communication of two distributed ROS 2 networks based on DDS. The architecture is built on a controller device communicating through the Cloud and on the ROSbot 2R from Husarion through the edge.

The video shows the first steps to set up a basic edge-cloud architecture in which an edge robot is deployed on a Local Area Network (LAN) with access to the Internet, and a server in the Cloud reachable through the Internet.

Don’t miss out this use case and learn more about ROS 2 Router.

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Looks very nice! For those who are interested I have created a similar demo for ROSbot and DDS Router but in Docker: GitHub - DominikN/rosbot-ds-test


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