ROS 2 Embedded WG meetings

Hi all!

We are back and our batteries are fully charged!! 🔋⚡

September’s ROS 2 Embedded Working Group meeting is coming. Please, book your agenda on Tuesday the 27th of September at 5 pm CEST.

We are excited to announce that we will be at ROSCon2022 hosting and attending amazing talks, and in this edition of the Embedded Working Group we’ll talk about it.

In addition, we will have important collaborations such as Bosch, Capra Robotics and Coalescent mobile robotics.

Join us to learn about:

  • eProsima at ROSCon2022. We’ll be there, In Kyoto, hosting this amazing talks:

    • ROS 2 network monitoring, by Raúl Sánchez-Mateos (eProsima)
    • Filter your ROS 2 content, by Eduardo Ponz Segrelles (eProsima)
  • We will also be in many other interesting talks such as the following ones:

    • micro-ROS goes Automotive: supporting AUTOSAR-based microcontrollers, by Jan Staschulat (Bosch), Ralph Lange (Bosch)

    • micro-ROS meets IoT: Building resource-optimised, Io T-enabled, ROS nodes by Benjamin Cabé (Microsoft)

    • mROS 2: yet another runtime environment onto embedded devices, by Hideki Takase (university of Tokyo)

  • Retail Automation, by Tanmay Deshmukh from Coalescent mobile robotics

  • micro-ROS at Capra Robotics by Bartolomé Jiménez

    • micro-ROS diagnostics
  • Discussion about advanced execution concepts in micro-ROS by Jan Staschulat, from Bosch

Meet us on Tuesday the 27th of September at 5 pm CEST at the usual Google meeting room

Find the full detail in the Agenda here

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Hi all!!

Embedded Working Group meeting #22 from September 2022 recording is available.

This ROS 2 Embedded Working Group meeting focuses on the following topics:

  • 5:05 Advance execution concepts by Bosch

  • 25:53 micro-ROS Diagnosis by CapraRobotics

  • 42:41 Rail Automation by Coalescent Mobile

Don’t miss the next EWG #23 in November 2022!