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ROS 2 G Name Brainstorming

In order of preference:

  • GIGANTIC – in line with @ThiloZimmermann suggestion
  • Galactic – but in as homage to the band Galactic. I think if we play our cards right we can have them play ROSCon New Orleans.
  • Glabrous – (i.e. smooth)

I think we should break with cannon and use a tortoise. I am a big fan of Gopherus agassizii. These little critters could really use more visibility as their populations have declined more than 90% since 1980.

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No preference about the turtle type, but I would love to see the t-shirt for a “grumpy” release. Using’s Katherine’s suggestion, Grumpy Gopherus is really fun to say out loud.


Giggly Gopherus
Ginger Glyphistoma
Geometric Geometricus
Gusty Gopherus

+1 gigantic

umm, do you know what that song is about?:thinking: Much love for the Pixies! Even Frank Black open for Ben Folds at University of Arizona bar

Ginormous Graptemys

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Golden Galactic
Golden Grape
Glorious Ghido
Glorious Galactic

+1 #GiganticGamera :turtle: a.k.a. #GigaGamera is an amazing turtle … that is Gigantic

“As the film series progressed, Gamera took on a more benevolent role, becoming a protecter of humanity, and especially of human children, from extraterrestrial races and other giant monsters.”

@ThiloZimmermann @Katherine_Scott @Manuel_Fdez @mschickler @zmichaels11


Geometric Geochelone

Although I also like “Giga Gamera”


I endorse this, mostly for including a screenshot from MST3K.

Golfing Gopher?

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Ok here is my number 1:

  • Galactic Geochelone

Geochelone genus contains the “star tortoise”?

Clearly it is one of the following with Galactic!:

  • Galactic Geochelone
  • Galactic Glyptemys
  • Galactic Graptemys
  • Galactic Gopherus
  • Galactic Gamera
  • Galactic Geometricus
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Lonesome George was the last known individual of the Pinta Island Tortoises. It appeared in the Guinness world record book as the most endangered animal and the most rare reptile.

Guinness George or Gigantic George


Galatic Gamera would be perfect!

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I think you mean #GigaGamera ! :grin:

:sweat_smile: as @gbiggs mentioned, the logo possibilities for galactic are endless. Also, ros-galactic sounds super cool :grin:

Just a reminder, anything that is encumbered IP is probably not going to pass as the distro name. That includes Gamera, unfortunately.

the trade mark on #Gamera was recently renewed… if you want to waste some 3:42 or 5:02 of your life time, click on the links and watch those videos… so Gamera is out - not possible

Just Goo might be easy to distinguish, can put a logo like used for ‘world of goo’

[off-topic / side discussion]

“I wish Kim was allowed to write more songs for the Pixies,” commented Kurt Cobain in 1992, “because Gigantic is their best song, and Kim wrote it.” The seductive Gigantic, on which she also sang lead vocals, featured on Pixies’ debut full-length, 1988’s Surfer Rosa, but would be her sole songwriting contribution to the group.
Src: The Guardian

Unfortunately we cannot start a dicussion on with him, but I completely agree with Kurt…

And yes, the lyrics are even more off-topic…

Gratis Garriwa
Garlicky Guī
Genuine Golden coin
Geeky Guadalupe
Gymnastic Geometric
Ghostly Glyptops
Gooey Gamerabaena

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Getxo village in the vasque country
Ger village in the catalan pirenees
Gebre catalan for frost
Geneta catalan for Genetta