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ROS 2 Galactic Beta and Call for Testing

We’re in the “beta” phase of development for ROS 2 Galactic Geochelone! As such, there are now binary packages available for Ubuntu Focal and RHEL 8, and rosdistro is open for newly released packages for Galactic.

Testing the Galactic beta

Installation instructions have been published for Galactic here. The only notable deviation from these instructions is that binary packages for Galactic have not had the first “sync”, and are therefore only available in the testing repository.

The pre-release testing instructions describe how to enable the ros-testing repository so that you can install the ros-galactic-* packages.

If you’re having trouble or think you’ve discovered a bug, please check the open issues and PRs on the related repository, discuss the issue in this thread, and open a new issue as appropriate. We’ll triage the issue or PR and decide if it should be merged prior to release or backported for a subsequent patch release of Galactic.

Releasing your packages

If you maintain a package you would like to release in ROS 2 Galactic Geochelone we encourage you to do so by following the guide to releasing a ROS 2 package with bloom . For Galactic, the minimum required version of bloom is 0.10.7.


The ROS 2 Team


If you maintain a package you would like to release in ROS 2 Galactic Geochelone

Are packages that are already released for Rolling already included in Galactic, or is a separate release needed?

Everything that was building successfully in Rolling on April 20th was released into Galactic. You can verify which packages were released here: ROS packages for Galactic - 2021-05-05 08:20:06 -0800


Cool! I’ll start testing on macOS this week!

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thanks for the information.

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