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ROS 2 ISO 26262 Certification and Thank You

Hi Dejan
I am Paolo Barattini, coordinator of the EUrobotics topics group in standardization.
I am preparing a workshop for the annual confernce of eurobotics, the EU Robotics Forum

The confernce will be virtual online.
So far I would like to invite you to give a presentation during the workshop.
About this latest topics and APEX ros2 certification.

here is my email

Let me know if you are interested.

Another issue: can you add me to your group about ROS 2 and certification?

All the best


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U R kindly requested to count me to the topics “we plan to present the process and the findings in an online meetup in the next couple of weeks”

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I am interested in this talk

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Congratulations! With your approach, you achieved something great!
I will be interested in attending.

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Congratz ! I guess this wasn’t easy ! Also interested in attending a presentation on this topic ! Thank you !

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Great work!! Congratulations :nerd_face:


Congrats! Quite the result! I’d also be interested in attending :slight_smile:


Short update guys: the talk will be scheduled in the 2nd half of April 2021. We recorded all of your interest and will ping you once we have the exact date. Thanks a lot for your interest, D.


This is a great achievement. I am interested in attending.

Congrats to the award!
Seeing the man-years that when into this, even rises my respect ~

And as well awesome you are sharing your way getting there: I am also interested in the talk!

sounds like Apex.OS is not for free. any license or documentation about how to use it? @Dejan_Pangercic

Late to the party, but congratulations! I would also be very interested in the talk - any update on possible dates for that?

Join us for our meetup next Tuesday (May 11), where Apex.AI discusses the functional safety certification and our findings!

RSVP here: Publication 53


@Kasper_Jeppesen @bishibashiB @tdenewiler @shonigmann @ipa-led @Dakshina_Dasari @BishnuBan @SebastianSchildt @marthtz @marton see ^^^ to register for the talk.

@turtleMaster20 @gildoa @Katherine_Scott @msinvent @GertKanter @gavanderhoorn @JanStaschulat @dmiklic @anordman @flynneva see ^^^ to register for the talk.

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@christophebedard @tomoyafujita see ^^^ to register for the talk.

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