ROS 2 K Name Brainstorming

Kind Kachuga sounds cool and simple

Kooky Kame of the fresh Habitat

After some namestorming…

Kooky Kachuga?
Kawaii Kappa?

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Knotty Kuchlingi:Kuchlingi is a long-necked turtle.
Knavish Kappa:Kappa are known for being mischievous monster.

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Karmic Kachuga
Kooky Kinixys

My personal favourite: Kooky Kappa
I think it’s short and sweet…:slightly_smiling_face:

I also like Kawaii Kinixys (it’s the coolest hinge-back tortoise I’ve seen!!! :smile:)

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Kadaliloru Kappa is a name which means Kappa in the seas, it matches the ROS vibe

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I was thinking of Kindred Kleinmann!

Kindred seems like an apt word that symbolizes the kindred spirit we have as robotics enthusiasts and engineers, with each package in ROS created with the intent to be interoperable (much like kindred spirits working together :stuck_out_tongue:). Other considerations were that the adjective should probably be more than 1 syllable and not too complicated when typing sudo apt install ros-kindred-desktop heh!

Kleinmann because its an Egyptian tortoise that looks really adorable hahaha :slight_smile:


Karateka Kappa.
It’s not exactly a adjective but sounds good to me.

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Or we can go with Kawaii Kitten XD

To double down on the Karumbe name, here are some cute turtles from the area of influence of the guarani (which involves parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay).


I’d like to suggest

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Brainstorming for the new version


KAKA - means uncle in hindi
KACHUA - means turtle in hindi

fyi kaka’s meaning in turkish is not so pleasant …

it means



ohh, that doesn’t fit


KAKI = aunt in hindi

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How About “Klenian” + somthing

Kingly Koopa … make sure the lawyers know it’s definitely not Bowser… and just for fun add ROS 2 platform support for Nintendo Switch :wink:


If naming follows Kxxxxx Kxxxxx format, a new tradition for k-turtle can be to always have kame ( as the 2nd name.

By the way, the letter “亀” can either read as “kame” or “ki” in Japanese. Such an adherence to k.