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ROS 2 video_stream_opencv port


I’m working with @smac Steve Macenski and the Nav group on a VSLAM ROS 2 demo, where we’re going to try to run VSLAM with a mono IP RTSP camera.

I noticed the video_stream_opencv ROS 1 package under the ros-drivers jurisdiction. The package seems like a good fit as the front end to capture and publish the camera images to the VSLAM node.

Some questions wrt video_steam_opencv:

  1. Is the video_stream_opencv package still being supported, the best option for RTSP camera capture image stream publishing? Or is there another package being maintained?

  2. If video_stream_opencv is the best candidate, any efforts to port ROS 2 underway?

  3. If not, I’m happy to attempt the ROS 2 port - should I create a ROS 2 port issue, fork the repo, then make a PR request against that issue? Or is there another protocol I should follow?


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Will image publisher do what you want? it also uses the openCV capture method and I believe you can just give it the string path to the device in the same way and have it publish the images. Looks like the camera info topic is garbage for the most part, but has filled in some of the basic info.

Hmm, may work. I’ll give passing in the rtsp:// URL as the filename parameter a try. Thx!

Thx @smac - image_publisher works. Don’t need video_stream_opencv (at least for now!).