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ROS Automation

Hi, I’m a Computer Science Student and currently working on a project of ROS automation i.e. we are developing a platform (Software) to help ROS programmers get rid of the manual instructions/command typing on terminals and/or different files including manual declaration of dependencies, etc. We are working on basic features and would like to know what other features you (ROS Programmers) would want to be automated? Your feedback and support will be much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Yusra,
I am glad someone is working on this, I was thinking on starting something like this myself. The main problem I encountered was opening a number of terminals for each launch file or command I had to run(In case of a lot of modules it went up to 9 or 10). I tried to write a simple bash script to run these in their respective sequence but was unsuccessful, I realised a feedback system was required where a launch file when completely launched gave some confirmation so that the next commands can be run in a new terminal, so I left this task to be done when I had some extra time on my hands. I would love to know how you are approaching the automation.