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ROS by the Bay Meetup #3

The third ROS by the Bay meetup will take place on July 24th, 7:00pm at Voyage.

We’ve setup a group on Meetup, which we’ll use for attendance. I haven’t created the event yet, but go ahead and join the group to be notified when I do!

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Darn, I’ll miss it by two days…

The event details have been posted:

We will have three 15 minute presentations, some live demos, and food and drinks!

Space is limited, so if you intend to meetup with us, please mark yourself as attending.

For those wondering, I (charles@voyage) will provide a final copy of my slides either late tomorrow or this weekend.

Thanks to everyone that attended and to OSRF for coordinating these events; it was a great turnout and I’ll be looking forward to the next!

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Slides are here:

ROS2_over_constrained_links.pdf (2.1 MB)

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