[SF Bay] Pre-ROSCon Pow-Wow Bash Extravaganza Spectacular

Hi all, its your friendly neighborhood navigator here.

I’d like to propose the first annual Pre-ROSCon Pow-Wow Bash Extravaganza Spectacular SF-Edition™ this year prior to ROSCon itself in lovely Kyoto Japan. I’m very excited for the event and I hope you are too! There are some really fantastic speakers and talks lined up, make sure to check it out!

I’m looking to gather interest levels for an event so I can book the appropriate venue. The goal of this Pow-Wow Bash Extravaganza Spectacular is for SF Bay Area folks to mingle and chat before the event itself to make a few friends and geek out over the fantastic experience to come. Plus, its been a while since we did any sort of ROS community meetup in the Bay Area and I’d like to change that.

This event will take place in San Francisco, event location is TBA on interest level and what accomodations I can come up with for that level of interest. Please fill out the form below before September 10th. Tentatively I’m planning on the event taking place on October 14th or 15th. If there are important conflicts with those dates, please also let me know in the form below.

Happy… extravaganzaing? bashing? sorry, not really a good closer on this one,


Don’t get your hopes up too much, I’m just bad at naming things


Hi Steve,

I’ve been dragging my feet on putting together a September meetup for the Bay Area. We had a meetup last month in conjunction with OpenCV and Px4 and it went great. Perhaps we could shoot for something in early October and a post ROSCon debrief in November. I’m on good terms with the Noisebridge hackerspace and I am sure they would be more than happy to have us hold another event. I’ve also got a line on a couple of potential sponsors who would be willing to cover beer and pizza.

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Reminder to fill this in before September 10!

I managed to get the google form to work in FireFox. Anyway, bumping this thread to encourage more people to sign up.

I was finally able to lock everything down with NoiseBridge

Event details are here.. Please help spread the word!


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