ROS edWG - Core Ed Platform Development - Sub Committee

Have you ever had an issue with the resources available to learn ROS/ROS2? Wish there was a better way?

The Open Robotics team behind ROS along with educators, professionals, and students all agree that a new approach should be taken towards resources available to those wishing to both teach and learn ROS.

Thus, there must be a better way! In accordance with what was discussed during the first Education Working Group meeting hosted by @Katherine_Scott, the Core Ed Platform Development Committee has been created.

The ultimate goal of the working group is to develop better educational resources for learning robotics and ROS. The goal of this committee, specifically, is to determine the formats and means by which such educational materials will be distributed and made accessible.


  • Define how to structure and host ROS educational materials such that they can be used, improved, shared, and maintained by educators.

  • Specific recommendations for file types, repository structure, structure for example, and project code, etc.

  • Propose an approach for updating materials for each ROS 2 release.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, please fill out this survey:

ROS edWG Core Ed Platform Survey