ROS edWG - Content sub-committee

Content sub-committee is preform outreach to academics for the making of course materials (i.e. class notes, slides, projects, etc) for undergraduates that address the fundamentals of the Robot Operating System, and where necessary, aspects of robotics theory. These course materials will be compatible with ROS’s open-source development philosophy, and will be:


This is strange… for whatever reason the last portion of what I had written up was not included in the initial post. It seems I cannot update the description of this Topic. A moderator may have locked the initial post. :neutral_face:

A participation survey has been created! Fill it out!

If you want to commit to working on the content committee, please fill the Content Google Form.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you who are interested!

Thank you for being a part of the Content Committee. :robot:

Our work here will effect the future of to academia’s approach to robotics education. :white_heart:

I’d be interested in helping edit a list of University level courses that teach ROS2.

Could we create a wiki post of that? I seem to recall someone in the meeting said they had a list of these already that could start the list off?

Sure! Lets create a wiki post. My first objective is to have a good meeting soe we can all work as a group moving forward.

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Happened across this list: GitHub - Developer-Y/cs-video-courses: List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.

Is there a Wikipost anywhere I can edit?


Great that you are working on this. I would love to join but due to personal circumstances I can not take up any more projects or responsibilities than those that I’ve already taken up now.

Other than that, if you are looking for existing content, as part of the ros-aerial community group I’ve assembled (with help of others) a list of robotics courses that use an aerial vehicle as learning platform. Not all of them teach in ROS but some of them do. If you happen to make this wiki page I’ll be happy to contribute those.