ROS Gazebo Plugins Tutorial

ROS Gazebo Plugins Tutorial

In this YouTube series, we will learn how to make a gazebo plugin step by step using simple explanations. And slowly we will introduce ros in the gazebo plugin.

If you ever felt that the gazebo plugin is difficult .
If you ever wondered how, when, and what function, class or message to use to code it.
Then this is the place where we will together make it easy through a series of YouTube lectures.

YouTube Playlist:

Tutorial Content:

1. How Gazebo Plugin Works?
2. Some C++ Concepts For Gazebo Plugin.
3. Gazebo World Plugin.
4. Gazebo Subscriber Plugin.
5. Gazebo Model Plugin.
6. ROS Gazebo Model Plugin (Simple & Advance).
7. Light Move Model Plugin.
8. ROS Light Control Plugin.
9. Gazebo Joint Control Plugin.