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Top FREE tutorials to learn ROS

Hi all

I am sharing some of the free video tutorials and books to start with ROS.

Lentin Joseph


Thank you @lentinjoseph,
I new to ROS and I have enrolled in the EdX Hello Real world course. Thanks for the suggestion. :smiley:

Hello Lentin Joseph,
Thank you so much for trying to address problems faced by beginners and sharing information to smoothen their introduction towards this field. This will surely help many students to build a strong base in robotics with ROS.

So to speak on education, your book on ROS are absolute gems for anyone starting new in the filed of ROS.

With regards to the topic of Gazebo with ROS, I am looking for some specific guide in the area of Gazebo simulation but its quite difficult to get any material on this area and anything other than that mentioned in the website. But even there the concepts are vaguely explained on the topic of ROS with Gazebo thus making it redundant for anyone who wants to understand developing a gazebo plugins from scratch rather than just including the path for plugins.

It would be highly appreciated if you can provide your valuable feedback about finding learning materials on this specific topic of “developing gazebo plugins from scratch to enable ros communication” which can help someone like me who wants to develop ros enabled robot model in gazebo.

Thanks for your efforts.

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Hi @rajshah

Thanks for the comment.

Can you please check my following book. I think it is having more details about Gazebo and its plugins.

Lentin Joseph

Thanks @lentinjoseph for prompt reply. I would definitely read the book and would reciprocate whether it addresses the topics what I am looking for.

Awesome to see all the new interest in learning ROS! My company (Freedom Robotics) is releasing a series of blogs discussing some (seemingly) basic things like sensor selection and odometry tuning which enables really accurate SLAM, Localization and serves as the foundation for more complex things like navigation, planning and autonomy.

We (Freedom Robotics) build Logging, Visualization, Teleoperation and Fleet Management tools that help robotics companies build, ship and scale robot businesses quickly. We’re biased of course - but believe our logging and teleoperation tools are really awesome for tuning and calibration work. You can try our product here (one line installation) for yourself on a simulated or real robot as you learn - and right now we’re running a promotion one robot free for a year.

Here is the first blog in our series on sensor selection

We’re pretty excited about putting out a lot more of this kind of content and would love to know whether it resonates with you or helps you set things up for your situation.

Our team is made up of co-founders and CTO’s from previous companies building cleaning robots, delivery robots, cloud infrastructure, computer vision platforms, video games and more. We have been trying to capture the hard learned robotics lessons from these experiences and what we are hearing from robotics companies in industry. Let us know if this lands with what you’re looking for - we’d love to create more content like it.


This is a great collection of resources, many of which I’ve used myself!

Another resource that I’ve used and contributed to is the free ROS Industrial Training curriculum. It includes a thorough guide to ROS fundamentals (including Linux/VM setup) as well as more advanced concepts like perception and motion planning. Definitely an appropriate resource for anyone looking for an introduction to ROS, or a refresher on some concepts.