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ROS-I Americas Consortium Annual Meeting

On April 12th, in Chicago, IL the ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas will host their annual meeting. This will be immediately following Automate 2019, so if you are attending Automate, then consider staying over for the Consortium Annual Meeting! This is a members only event, as it is an opportunity to learn some of the latest developments going on relative to ROS-Industrial, network with others with an interest in open-source development for industry, and finally influence the technical direction of ROS-Industrial through the various workshops and brainstorming workshops.

The agenda is now up over at and can be found at:

As per tradition we will make streaming services available for members that cannot attend in person and that info will be available as the event draws closer.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing a great turnout in Chicago!

Matt R.
RIC Americas Program Manager


Pretty nice program @mrobinson, thanks for sharing!

Is there room for further participation and contributions? As you may know, our group is posting MoveIt! motion planning framework to ROS 2. We are supporting PickNik financially to help us steer the process and we’d be happy speaking about the process, giving an update on the roadmap and maybe producing some early demonstration? (Will depend heavily on the progress though)

@davetcoleman what do you think? Maybe we could organize a joint speech about it and give the audience an update?


Hi @mrobinson,

As the CTO of Acutronic Robotics, I’m also involved in the development/porting of MoveIT! to ROS 2.0. I will be really happy if we have the chance to talk about this in the meeting. Moreover, I volunteer to give a talk about modular robotics. Acutronic Robotics focuses on building individual modules that natively run ROS 2.0. These modules can be physically extended in a seamless manner and include features such as time synchronization or deterministic communication latencies.

I have seen that the agenda is closed, but if there is room for changes please let us know!

With kind regards,


I would like to thank both of you for volunteering to support our Annual Member Meeting coming up in April, and we are excited and have been monitoring what you have noted in your posts. That said, our agenda is pretty dense, as we only have the one day. The years we do not co-locate at Automate we have a bit more flexibility. That said, I’m seeking to bring back the quarterly community meeting where these topics can be presented to industrial stakeholders around the world. Our Americas membership sometimes falls behind on the activities going on in Europe even though myself and of course our partners at Fraunhofer do their best to keep the channels of communication open.

If you would be willing to support our community meeting, I’m happy and look forward to counting on you both for that agenda as we pull it together. I’m also open to less informal opportunities if you are at Automate to engage with our membership, I just don’t have the space to accommodate more “formal” speaking slots at this time.

Thanks again, and I look forward to catching up with both of you! Keep up the great work!

Matt R.
RIC-A Program Manager

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Thanks @mrobinson, let me PM you and discuss the possibilities then.

I like the idea of a roadmapping workshop. That’s a pretty useful thing to do.

The history around ROS-I Roadmapping can be found here:

We look forward to publishing some of the feedback from the 2018 meeting soon, to enable building on that for the upcoming meeting.

We have a new and updated revision of the agenda for the April 12th ROS-I Consortium Americas Annual Meeting!

We are also finalizing our streaming services to support remote attendance. I’ll update this space when that information become available!

We have our full program for the 2019 RIC-Americas Annual Meeting in Chicago on April 12th. We will be reviewing roadmap for ROS-I outputs and have a follow on road mapping workshop. In the program you can see the abstracts and bios for all the speakers.

Looking forward to a great event. We will finalize streaming info for the event on April 3rd and members will receive instructions on how to participate remotely.


Matt R
RIC Americas Program Manager

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Thanks to everyone that supported and helped make the ROS-I Consortium Americas 2019 Annual Meeting a success. We had over 90 people in our room that was billed to hold 92, so talk about close calls. There were a lot of interesting discussions, and for those that were there, or listened in remotely, it seems a lot of projects may jump into ROS2 from the industrial side.

We will be posting presentations and the recordings for the presentations behind the Americas member portal over at In the meantime, I did throw up a blog post that breaks down what took place…


Matt Robinson
ROS-I Consortium Americas Program Manager