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Regular ROS Meetups Listing

This is a list of known Local ROS User Group Meetups.

It will be pinned in this category to persist. If you’re organizing a regular ROS releated group please list it here to help people find it.

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Europe :eu:

North America

Online Meetings


Thank you for listing up our ROS Japan Users Group.

The mailing list is already obsolete and no longer maintained. Please use the following list instead.

Hi @youtalk Thanks for the updates. However please edit the above wiki post instead of replying so that this post forms a canonical listing.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve done.

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You can add in Germany / Europe:

@ThiloZimmermann Thanks for pointing them out. Please go ahead and add them to the above post, it’s set to be a wiki to allow it to be updated.

If anyone else is aware of new ones please go ahead and directly add them to the list.