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ROS News for the Week of 6/1/2020

Image purloined from Michael Ferguson’s excellent blog post on restoring a URB-1 from Craigslist, and upgrading it ROS Noetic. It is worth a read.

News for the Week of 6/1/2020


It is ICRA week. If you’ve seen something cool drop it down below. Hopefully we’ll coordinate a community reading list in the near future

Foxy and Noetic t-shirts are on sale until June 15th.

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Everything Else

As per always if you saw something interesting this week drop it in the comments below. If you have an announcement or a cool project please feel free to let us know.


Covid-19: How Can Roboticists Help? - ICRA 2020

Covid-19: How Can Roboticists Help? - ICRA 2020

$5,000?! What a steal. I look for robots on craigslist regularly but never such a great deal as that. Occasionally I find UR and Clearpath robots but the price tags are too close to retail to make it worth while. Great find!

In addition to the Debates on Robotics Research linked in the original post, this workshop is also of general interest:

“AGAINST robot dystopias: thinking through the ethical, legal and societal issues of robotics and automation”

Recording of talks will be posted some time next week.
There’s also a list of resources of relevant ethical topics on that webpage.

There was also a related keynote about the emergence and ethics of lethal robots:

How long before Killer Robots?

How long before Killer Robots?

A heavy contrast as compared to using robotics to save lives as in the other keynote.

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Very insightful talk. Everybody should watch this, at least the last 5 minutes of what we can do as individuals.
Thanks for linking, now I have one fewer ICRA keynotes to look up later.