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Free PX4 Dev Summit (UAV)

Howdy Everyone,

I got asked to relay the message that the PX4 Autopilot crew is putting together free virtual developer summit on July 6th and 7th. If you’re not familiar, the combination of PX4, MAVLink, and MAVROS give drones a complete ROS control stack. The summit should have a lot of good talks about UAVs, open source flight controllers, and most importantly ROS. If you are interested in learning more about MAVLink, MAVROS, or PX4 this a great chance to make it happen. The summit is also a great time to rally your developer communities into doing a hack day for your project. I pulled up the schedule from last year’s event to give you a sense of the what this year’s event will look like. Even if you aren’t a drone person the summit is a great place to learn about the intersection of ROS and firmware/hardware.

You do have to register for the event ahead of time if you wish to watch the live stream. The registration link can be found here.

Dronecode has also extended the call for proposals until next Monday. If you are working on anything related to ROS and UAVs then the dev summit would be a great place to showcase your work. Here is the link to the Dronecode CFP.

Here are some links for those that are unfamiliar with PX4/MAVROS: