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ROS Openlighting for interactive art

So a few years back I decide to build an interactive lighting installation using ROS this resulted in a ton of fun and a pile of code. If there is an interest in these types of tools it might encourage me to finally publish theses as package.

What it does(videos):

  1. Large scale interaction
  1. Small reactive

How does it work:
0. High level design, see slides 20-22

  1. ROS interface to theater lighting(github) leveraging the Open Lighting Project
  2. Perception - tracking - animation - pixel mapping(github)

I hope this helps others build cool interactive projects.


I would be interested, looks cool… what type of sensors are you using?

The point_downsample node can support any PointCloud2 and publishes:

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hey alan, this is great work. where can i buy it? :slight_smile: