Ros overlay dead?

I have been looking towards compiling a gentoo OS as a minimal operating system for our robot using the ros2 packages. However the ros overlay is heavily outdated and the compilation tool superflore as well. Is there any plan on keeping this plan on-going ? Our infrastructure rely heavily on this package and there is no other way around for us. Is it possible to be provided a documentation in order to put this up to date ?

What do you mean by this? superflore works just fine for our use case. See recent meta-ros BoF during ROSCon 2022 notes Meta-ros BoF at ROSCon2022.

Acceleration Robotics is happy to work with you extending the tool to further to meet you needs. Feel free to reach out.

Well I have been facing this issue this issue which I can’t figure out where this comes from. There is a lack of documentation on how to run it and debug it. Right now my compilation process is very tedious, I keep removing packages one by one that are trying to be compiled but actually not required. You could give it a look here.
Also as this is related to ros-overlay, the last commit is from november 2021 and even these don’t compile properly. You can find package missing, dependancy missing or not up to date.

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The support for ROS on Gentoo has always come from the ROS community.

Gentoo is not listed in REP-2000 and is thus a de facto tier 3 platform with support provided by the community rather than the ROS core team.

If Gentoo support is something your organization is interested in then you will want to work with the ROS community to maintain it.

Since questions should be asked on ROS Answers and, in fact, there is a question posted there already I’ll save the technical details for that proper support channel.

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