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ROS poster

Dear ROS community,

as it is the decorative time of the year, I wanted to add something ROS related to my other robotics-themed posters. Unfortunately, I did not find any ROS posters online, hence I created one of my own.

The poster is based on the content in the ROS artwork repo. It is created in Scribus. The background is generated via a short [1] Python script using OpenCV to interpolate colors between the contour borders.

Tastes differ, but I’m quite happy with the result. Although, there is a lot of room for improvement, both artistically and in realization. Pull requests welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


[1] As usual, the initial idea how to create the background was quickly implemented, but fine-tuning took much longer than planned. Never knew that one pixel “borders” due to interpolation can be so annoying.


This may be all over the ROS social media today. :wink:

Thanks a bunch, we really appreciate it.

Now I can confirm that the PDF produced by Scribus prints well. At least it did with the online poster print service that I used:

Will still update the file this weekend to add the missing ROS2 turtlesim turtles one can find in ros_tutorials/turtlesim/images at rolling-devel · ros/ros_tutorials · GitHub (when checking out the right branch :man_facepalming:)