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ROS quadcopter with waypoint from custom GPS


Hi Everyone

I’m having a hard time to find a complete solution to the following -
I want to simulate quadcopter in Gazebo+ROS wherein I can define waypoints (GPS based) for an autonomous flight using different GPS sensor (the sensor differs in its noise parameters).

I came across the following packages and tools -
hector-quadcopter (not clear if I can define waypoints)?
hector-gazebo-plugins (here I can define IMU and GPS sensors, exactly what I want, but can I use this with hector_quadcopter package? or any other robot model with waypoints?)
px4 SITL ( wherein I can define waypoints using MAVROS as well as send sensor data using MAVROS, but seems a lot of work to modify data (from hector-gazebo-plugins possibly) to MavLink message format.

Any other solutions that I might have missed? Or is any of the above solution more feasible than the other.

#2 is another gazebo based simulator which you can try.
If you only care about simulation, the hector or the rotors simulators would be best, but if you eventually want to fly a real robot, it might be better to use the PX4 SITL since that uses the same interface that would be used on a real robot.