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ROS Rust WG Meeting: 2021-03-03

Hello rustaceans! :crab:

The next ROS Rust Working Group meeting will be: 2021-03-03T15:00:00Z

Last week, members on our matrix channel expressed interest discussing recent rust news related to robotics; particularly the emerging crates that the computer vision and machine learning working groups in the rust community have been developing, So please take a look before and we’ll catch up:

We could also chat about trending repos in the wider rust ecosystem, like those tracked in this ticket:


Please comment to suggest any item updates to the agenda.

  • Computer VIsion crates
  • Machine Learning crates
To Be Updated


As an update, the meeting minutes have been posted and can be reviewed here:


The video recording the meeting has been uploaded and can be viewed here:


If you’d like to get involved, checkout our working group’s resources listed under our governance. Also, you can join the group via matrix chat at and subscribe to future ROS Rust WG announcements by changing your default notification level for the wg-rust tag.

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