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ROS Security Benchmark open for public comment

I’m pleased to announce that the Center for Internet Security (CIS) has publicly released the ROS Security Benchmark for community discussion. When published, this benchmark will document community approved best-practice configuration settings to properly secure ROS Melodic running on Ubuntu Bionic. Please consider joining the discussions to help define the right security settings that both protect and enable ROS.

CIS also publishes over 100 security benchmarks, and each benchmark is maintained by an associated community of tech professionals. They’re pretty much the enterprise standard for demonstrating a best-practice security program. The first ROS benchmark under consideration covers Melodic running on Ubuntu Server 18.04. The current draft merely builds upon the existing Ubuntu benchmark (based in turn on the Debian benchmark), and needs to be customized for ROS.

See more about the benchmark at the Ubuntu blog, and consider joining the CIS workbench community to help define the best way to secure ROS. This isn’t just a call for security professionals, it’s a call for all manner of roboticists to help define the industry best security practices!